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Ablution Mats by Carpets Dubai

Wet bathroom floors, swimming pool decking, or showers can be dangerous and slippery and may lead to injuries. This is why slip-resistant material on your flooring can be a savior and help reduce some of the dangers of wet floors. 

Another place where water (and thus, non-slippery mats) plays a significant part is in mosques, where people perform ritualistic floor washing before praying. In these areas, water can accumulate, rendering the mosque floor slippery and dangerous to walk on. 

The best way to combat this danger is ablution mats, which help keep you safe from hazards caused by wet floors with various functional qualities. These mats are more common than you might think. Read on to learn more about ablution mats!

What are ablution mats?

Ablution is a sacred ritual of washing and cleaning oneself before praying, and mosques have a separate area where the ritual may be performed. Of course, there is a possibility of water accumulating in this dedicated area extremely quickly, and it can be a hazard due to a slippery floor surface. To solve this problem, ablution mats are used, which are anti-slip mats used for areas with high foot traffic. The structure of ablution mats contains little holes that help effectively drain the water and prevent overflowing. These mats (available at affordable prices on Carpets Dubai) are usually made from non-porous PVC material, giving them the advantage of sanitization and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. 

What are the benefits of ablution mats?

Ablution mats are great products to use in mosque areas where people wash up before praying, but what makes them better than regular rubber mats? Here are the advantages of ablution mats:

Ablution Mats
  • High slip resistance – Since ablution mats are made from PVC material, the rubber and PVC material mixture makes them slip-resistant. Additionally, the material is harder than rubber, so even if wet, your feet feel a stronger grip, which ensures fewer injuries by falling. 
  • Moisture-resistant – A big issue with wet floors and spaces is that moisture can sometimes ruin the flooring because different materials have different levels of water resistance. Ablution mats provide added protection against moisture, and their inherent moisture-resistant properties help keep floors looking good as new!
Ablution Mats
  • Helps in drainage – This is one of the biggest advantages of ablution mats over rubber mats. Ablution mats feature tiny holes that help effectively drain accumulated water by directing it through the mat and into the drainage systems. Compared to rubber mats, which have no practical way to get rid of the excess water, leading to additional slipping risks, ablution mats are extremely functional.
  • Easy to install – Ablution mats are extremely easy to install and only require being appropriately and tightly put in place. These mats can be easily rolled up and stored without much space.
  • Affordable and durable – Ablution mats are relatively inexpensive, especially considering the material’s durability and functionality level. Additionally, ablution mats often come in sets or bundles, reducing the price per mat and making them affordable. The PVC material of the mats helps them remain rugged and long-lasting.

Why choose Carpets Dubai?

Carpets Dubai has an experienced, industry-leading design team with top-of-the-game design tools and materials to bring your vision of a personalised space to reality. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and providing quality customizations to all. We have provided interior decorating solutions and products to various customers in Dubai and are equipped with everything the customer needs to make their customization dream a reality. Then, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us through our website to explore our varied selection of ablution mats and other mats for all your needs!


  • How to maintain our ablution mats?

Ablution mats are extremely easy to maintain and only require regular cleaning and dusting to retain quality. You may rinse the mats with high streams of water to remove any dust. You can clean it with soap applied with a brush!

  • What variety of ablution mats is available?

We offer ablution mats in various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your requirements. We offer customization to all your mats, be it in terms of size, pattern, or shape, and at a low price!

  • Are Carpets Dubai’s ablution mats safe to use in mosques?

At Carpets Dubai, we know that these mats will be used in a religious setting, so we ensure that hygiene is a big factor when making them. Our mats come with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives that help keep the mats clean and hygienic, fit for use in a religious space.