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Live Beautifully with Karastan Area rugs Dubai

Carpets Dubai are proud to introduce the latest trend in rug fashion; from the world of the ancients, to the realm of the future. We believe that true fashion endures throughout time and along with that belief we bring you the latest Karastan area rugs to add the perfect finishing touch for your home. At Carpets Dubai, we carry every kind of flooring from traditional area rugs inspired by symbolic weavings of ancient Persia, China, Turkey, and India; to contemporary styles with bold and modern flare. Whether your taste is classic, country, or contemporary, Karastan area rugs Dubai complements everything and make your home feel warm and inviting.

The Most Renowned Karastan Area Rugs

  1. Karastan area rugs Dubai are known throughout the world for their power-loomed richness and complexity of hand-woven oriental. 
  2. Since we have launched Karastan area rugs, they have brought beauty and elegance to every space they were placed in. 
  3. Our collection of Karastan area rugs range from traditional to contemporary and from plush textures to sculptured patterns, each one offering a beauty of its own.

Benefits of using Karastan Area Rugs Dubai

Karastan area rugs Dubai are manufactured using the purest high quality natural fiber wool, which creates remarkable carpets area rugs that offer a number of advantages for you and your family.

Karastan area rugs are easy to clean and maintain

Since Karastan area rugs are made from natural wool fibers that gives it inherited advantage of being resistant to dirt and soil, hence resulting in very easy to maintain area rugs. Karastan area rugs Dubai are composed of non-allergenic fiber, so it does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites neither give off harmful emissions, making it safe for you and your family.

Karastan area rugs provide optimal durability and strength

Karastan area rugs Dubai are manufactured using patented woven technology that makes it highly durable and strong. You do not have to worry about any wear and tear, Karastan area rugs usually live for decades.

They have crush resistant quality 

Thanks to its wool composition that has a natural crimp, which gives it built-in crush resistance. On Karastan area rugs dents from furniture disappear easily if they are gently moistened and left to recover naturally.

Karastan area rugs are inherently fire safe

Karastan area rug Dubai wool is naturally fire retardant, making it difficult to ignite. These area rugs never melt and are self-extinguishable.

Karastan area rugs Dubai resistant to static charge

Karastan area rugs do not collect static electricity buildup.

Enjoy the comfort with Karastan area rugs

Natural bulk and pliability make Karastan area rugs a great sound and heat insulator. You can enjoy the chilly winter nights with the warm touch of Karastan area rugs Dubai. 

Karastan area rugs are environmentally friendly

Carpets Dubai is an environmentally responsible company that consistently practices energy efficient and safe manufacturing procedures to manufacture naturally sustainable Karastan area rugs.

If you have any further queries, you can contact us through phone call 056-600-9626 or email us info@carpetsdubai.ae.

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