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Choosing a new floor for your home or work is never an easy process. With multiple options being available in the market, it does not take a lot to become indecisive while choosing the best flooring solution. Settings and furniture are comparatively easy to change with time but flooring is something that remains there for a long period of time, so, one would want to make the right decision first time round. Many buyers overlook the PVC flooring and prefer flooring that is assumed to be more luxurious like wooden, stone or ceramic tiles. Others ignore PVC flooring depending on their pocket and choose cheap laminate flooring only to have it pull out in a few years due to damage. However, the key to pick the ideal floor resides in finding the balance between price and luxury, which can be found in PVC Flooring . 

PVC flooring uses fine quality flooring products like faux wood grain to give our PVC flooring a luxurious appearance. It is impermeable to water and popular for its durability. PVC flooring manufactures aesthetic flooring with not only different colors and textures but also provide our customers with customized designs that match the interior décor of the space. 

PVC flooring suppliers in Dubai provides 3 basic types of PVC flooring;

  1. PVC Flooring Rolls, they are traditional and are being used for decades. It’s easier to install and affordable.
  2. PVC Flooring Tiles, like PVC Rolls, these are also traditional and available in different patterns to mimic appearance of wooden flooring.
  3. Wood PVC Flooring, this is the latest plank style flooring and mimics hardwood floors. These are broad width planks that sticks together.

 Features of Our PVC Flooring 

  1. Easy to install- can be cut, shaped and welded into desired style without any professional help.
  2. Versatility- PVC flooring are available in various designs, patterns and textures hence giving the customer a great degree of freedom to choose according to the interior décor.
  3. Durable- they are most durable in spaces with heavy foot traffic.
  4. Water and stain Resistance- PVC flooring are famous for being waterproof and resistant to stain. 
  5. Comfort- they are comfortable under foot and reduce noise while walking.
  6. Light Weight- PVC flooring is light weight hence reduces difficulty to handle manually.
  7. Maintenance- they are easiest to clean, sweep with a damp cloth and your floor is sparkling.
  8. Anti-Static- its anti-static property keeps you and your family safe from static energy, you don’t have to worry about static current being passed from the floor.

We are among one of the best PVC flooring suppliers in Dubai and believe our customers a part of our family. We not only provide you installation services but our customer care representatives pay you a visit to show you the sample, listen to your ideas for customized designs and to take measurements. PVC flooring then, sends professionals who levels the subfloor with a special liquid before installing the PVC flooring. Each plank of PVC floor is carefully adhered along the wall and subsequent rows are added along the edge. When installation is completed, a weighted roller presses the floor into place.