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Self leveling Dubai – Ultimate solution for uneven floors

There’s no doubt that choosing a best suitable flooring for house and office is a tough job, but before installing any flooring there’s a need to self leveling the sub flooring so the top floor sits best on top. Self leveling Dubai is important for the uneven wooden and concrete floors. Homeowners and interior designers who are looking to install tiles or other decorative flooring, needs to have self leveling Abu Dhabi  prior to installing new flooring. If wooden floors are installed for a long period of time and are old, these floors must have humps and joint on which if a new flooring will be installed without the self leveling dubai, it would be a disaster. Self leveling is the must step before installing any kind of flooring, to make the flooring installation look neat and even. 

Types of self leveling Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Two basic types of Self leveling Abu Dhabi

  1. Self-leveling concrete 
  2. Self-leveling cement 

These two techniques create even, smooth, plane and uniform surface and makes the flooring installation smooth, fine and easy. These are the commonly used solutions for self-leveling becoming trendy because of its nicely smooth and even appearance. If you are installing tiles as your flooring option, cement is best for the self leveling. It’s the ultimate and long term solution and keep the tiles and floor intact with each other. Self-leveling can be done even if you are constructing your complete house of just renovating your floorings. If you have a damaged floor and you need its fixing, self- leveling concrete is the simple and easy way out for you. This product is highly pourable and liquid that it makes the self-leveling an easy job. This procedure is very cost effective and can be easily afford by people living across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Self-leveling cement can be done anywhere before installing the actual flooring, even in residential or in commercial areas. This method is best for structural and less time acquiring installation. Can be done easily and perfectly without too much hassle. This solution adds great tolerance to the flooring. Self-leveling ads great sleek and shiny look.

Advantages and benefits of self-leveling

  1. The self leveling mixture is so smooth and easily floats and spreads around the areas where it’s needed.
  2. Concrete self leveling makes sure that the flooring on top is even and leveled.
  3. It has very easy installation and doesn’t require much labor.
  4. This method helps in obtaining water resistance.
  5. This solution decreases the chance of growing bacteria.
  6. It helps in obtaining nicely even and smooth surface.
  7. Low Plastic Tackiness
  8. The self leveling mixture has very high flow ability.
  9. It has very Low isolation.
  10. Low Draining
  11. Firmness and strength

Want to order ? Check on below details

If you are residing across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and renovating your place be it office or house and looking for options for the self-leveling of your floors, we are finest option for you. We have amazing quality of products and compounds used for self-leveling. We are one of the known and best supplier and installer. The self-leveling provides flooring that are antibacterial and anti- slippery. We are known for taking custom made orders and deliver it exactly as you asked for. We also provide services for installation at your doorstep and out quote includes all the cost including product cost, delivery and installation.

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