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Step into the Comfort of Shag Carpets Dubai

If you are after contemporary look in home decor then shag carpets will make an excellent accessory to your modern lifestyle decor. Shag carpets Dubai are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and sizes, and make a perfect companion to the quintessential sofa or couch.

What are shag carpets Dubai?

Shag carpets Dubai are called shag carpets because of their “shaggy” appearance. They are made with deep-pile carpet fiber that give them a shaggy appearance. Shag carpets have gained tremendous popularity for offering a very soft feel and giving the space a very cozy touch. The distinguishing feature about shag carpets Dubai, are the long yarn fibers that are attached to the back of the carpet, having an irregular pattern, which gives a naturally messy look to shag carpets. Shag carpets Dubai give a “lived in” sort of look to a home. 

At Carpets Dubai, shag carpets are available in a variety of fibers like wool, acrylic or cotton. Shag carpets Dubai are also sold in various lengths like long, short and mini versions too, but custom made shag carpets are also offered. You can get one made as per your choice and needs. 

  1. Positive points of Shag carpets Dubai
  2. Soft and plush feel

Shag carpets offer a very soft surface and it feels heavenly to walk on them. Their messy long fibers give a cozy and inviting ambiance to a home.


With its growing popularity, shag carpets Dubai are easily available at our Carpets Dubai stores all across Dubai and are also available online. You can contact our representative to have a free sample dispatched to your home as well.


Shag carpets Dubai are most suitable for areas where people frequently move around and stay. They are durable, naturally stain resistant and insulating as well. Since shag carpets insulate your floors, they provide excellent warmth during winter and in summers, a cool haven that gives respite from the heat. For general upkeep and maintenance of shag carpets Dubai, avoid direct and continuous sun exposure. It is recommended to keep rotating its position occasionally to avoid any wear and tear.


Shag carpets have a unique quality to serve as a focal point in a contemporary or traditional home. Apart from being comfortable and soft, they certainly add a stylish zing to the interior decor.

Easy to clean

If you clean them regularly you can keep your shag carpets Dubai looking good and staying “fluffy” for years. You can shake the shag carpet upside down and much of the dust will simply shake away. But still if you ever feel a need to wash them, contact us and we will wash your shag carpets for you in affordable rates while providing free pick up and dispatch services.

If you need more information or want to avail our amazing discounted offers, you can easily reach out to us through either phone call or email. 

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