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What are the types and advantages of Prayer mats?

There are many best sellers of prayer mat, who are working day and night to deliver optimal products.  These mats from versatility of design, pattern, size and theme, also provide a high range of colors for your inside. Satisfaction is important when you are looking for the quality in prayer mats because the threads or wool which is utilized in prayer mats are pure and guaranteed. Prayer mats are traditionally woven with a rectangular design. Within the rectangle one usually finds images of Islamic symbols and architecture. In some cultures, decorations not only are important but also have a deep sense of value in the design of the prayer mats. 

Advantages of prayer mats

There are lots of advantages which are as follow, 

  • Easy cleaning

Prayer mats have always been highly revered because of the purpose it serves in religious rituals. It is not only providing a clean spot for prayers to be performed, but in its design, it also represents the promise of paradise and eternity. These mats are easy to clean because the material used for these mats are soft and light to carry. No bad odor or smell remains when doing proper wash because the fabric used is of high quality which does not gather the dirt inside. To maintain the prayer mat is easy and quick, you can wash or dry clean to turn them new every time. The colors are also guaranteed and will remain the same after many washes.

  • Easy installation

These mats are quite easy to pick and lay when you want to offer prayer. They are not even hard to lay and sit.

  • Special designs 

With the advancement, new and reliable designs are formed that really impress the viewer and form a pleasing and calm look all around.

  • Beautiful models

Market today is competitive and presents a beautiful model of these praying mats. They are especially used when we have tutorials based on religion or a special Islamic day. They are also made to give presents to one another, best as a gift item.


There are many types of prayer mats available in variety and with all these advantages. For instance,

  • Velvet prayer mats – beautiful, soft and comfortable mat, ideal for gift after hajj or umrah.
  • Embossed printed prayer mats – Embossed touch attracts the prayers. They are mold proof, moisture proof and provide flexibility to prayers. 
  • Pocket size prayer mats – new style prayer mats. They are easy to handle even at crowded places. 
  • Simple prayer mat – people like to utilize simple prayer mats in their daily offering routine. The designs of kaaba and madina make it more beautiful. 
  • Raschel prayer mat –The mats are specially made with anti-slippery properties, the back of raschel prayer mats are made of PVC dots and non-woven fabric, providing a friendly environment.
  • Foldable prayer mats – These prayer mats are wrinkle free and easy to use.