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Choosing hardwood floors for their homes is becoming more and more popular. Others appreciate this sort of flooring simply because it is less work to clean and maintain, while some people prefer the traditional appearance of wood flooring to carpet or tile. However, the issue of carpet, tile, or hardwood floors still needs to be addressed. It enhances the charm, personality, and flair of any building, old or modern. Although they might have slightly greater upfront expenses than carpet or linoleum, with proper upkeep and repairs, they can last a lifetime. We’re aiming to discuss the benefits of wooden flooring now, and explain why it’s preferable to other flooring options on the market. Read More

What type of Wooden Flooring to pick up?

A lot of options are available in wooden flooring, like oak. It is one of the best quality materials for wooden flooring. Additionally, it has a desirable natural grain and is abundantly available in the area, which results in affordable rates. Whitewood is particularly well-liked in the design community since it lacks the pinkish undertones of white oak. Another common option is walnuts. It has a deep tone that makes it perfect for places where a deeper finish is sought, despite being a little softer than oak. “ The greatest place to start when changing colour is with a natural substance. Hawthorn, cherry, maple, and ash are examples of hardwoods. Colouring and texture preferences are mostly a matter of personal taste.


The advantages of wood flooring 

Strong and robust:

Wooden flooring can survive years if it is maintained properly . They can appear to be a significant expenditure at first, but unlike other types of flooring, they don’t need to be replaced every ten or twenty years. The value of wood flooring keeps rising over time, so it also offers an excellent return on investment.



Solid hardwood is simpler to cleanse because dust and contaminants don’t like it very much. Wood flooring floors should be dusted with a brush and mopped with a damp cloth regularly. Manufactured wood floors keep their gloss for many decades, unlike popular ones that eventually need to be re-polished.

Anti allergic 

There are no insects like mosquitoes, dust mites, or spores that can grow on wood floors. They stop the spread of allergens like mildew or animal dander, which cause allergies. As a result, the indoor atmosphere is maintained more safely than is typically the case with other types of flooring. 

Superior for toddlers.

Wood flooring is typically one of the most popular options for children’s bedrooms. It is great for infants who are just learning to crawl because it is non-toxic and safe. When they are exposed to wooden flooring, their motor abilities get better.

Why choose us? 

At carpet dubai we are here to offer you the best quality wooden flooring. That not only enhances your space and gives it a sophisticated look, but also offers a lot more benefits than you must have read above.  We have numerous styles and patterns of colour. You can pick one according to your requirement . And don’t worry about the price; we have kept them affordable. Read More