Make You’re Indoors Look Tidy with Floor Mats

Floor mats today have become a necessity as they provide many functions and give a neat and tidy look to your indoors. Door mats are a good way of marketing your brand as these can never be ignored by people. People often don’t use floor mats because of the poor quality available in the market which gives a very ugly and untidy look to the indoors. And they are not long lasting. If you are looking for some floor mats then Carpets Dubai is the right place for you. We offer much different type of floor mats and have them in many colors. We at Carpets Dubai never compromise on the quality of our product and give genuine products to our customers. 

Properties of Our Products

  • Customized and made to measure.
  • We can make your provided LOGO on the mats.
  • We can make anti fire mats for you. 
  • Hygienic and anti-bacterial.
  • Versatility of fabrics, themes, colors, patterns and designs.
  • Unique and trendy designs.
  • Strong
  • Amazing quality – Quality is our main focus. We don’t compromise on quality.
  • Very affordable prices/ Friendly prices/Reasonable prices
  • We are one call away – Representatives can visit at your place to show you the samples, share ideas and take measurements.
  • Doorstep delivery and installation services. 

Benefits of Our Floor Mats 

  • Nature friendly:

Floor mats from Carpets Dubai are manufactured for all type of places and environment. We make our products with 100% authentic material. floor mats have many functions as it can be used to keep the indoors clean as they stop the dust particles to come inside and can be used for decoration purpose such as logo mats. Our door mats are designed in such a way that be placed indoors, outdoors and even in high traffic areas.

  • Easy to Clean:

Most of the floor mats are not easy to clean and require a lot of time and often their color gets fade. We are Floor mats supplier and our floor mats are not like other and are very easy to handle and clean. They can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner or by gentle wash and all of the dust and stains get off.  

  • Availability of size and colors:

We are Floor mats supplier and we offer a wide variety of floor mats. We have many types of mats available such as plain floor mats, rubber doormats, sisal doormats, printed doormats, café logo doormats, carpets doormats and much other type of door mats under one roof. We also make customized door mats according to the demand of the customer. You can get your customized logo printed floor mats from us and place them in your indoors. We are Floor mats supplier and we have almost every size available and can get them according to the size you want.  We also have a wide range of colors. So you can have them according to your interior and choice.

Why Choose Us ?

Here are some of the reasons 

  • High quality products
  • Wide range
  • Customer care
  • Home delivery services
  • Installation services
  • 24/7 availability
  • Cooperative staff
  • Professionalism
  • Guidance
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting products

Carpets Dubai gives you a lot of services which includes home delivery services, installation services etc. We have skilled team that come up with every possible solution for your flooring and installation and gives you a demo before installation and buying floor mats. You can get yours from Carpets Dubai and make you’re indoors look beautiful. You can call us at 056-600-9626 or E-mail us at