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Linoleum Flooring – Best Flooring Option at Affordable Cost

Although, Linoleum Flooring, because of its name sounds like some flooring from historic era, it is still savoring popularity today as an eco-friendly, durable and modern flooring. Linoleum Flooring with their modern manufacturing methods produce linoleum in a vast variety of colors, patterns and styles, making it an attractive option for professional interior designers and homeowners.  

Linoleum is a resilient flooring material, which means that it compresses and yet bounces back when walked upon it, this compressing-and-bouncing gives it a slightly cushioning effect. It is composed of all natural renewable materials, such as, linseed oil, cork powder (responsible for giving it a bouncy effect), wood flour and pine resins. For hardness and durability, limestone dust is added. Pigment dyes are used to give linoleum flooring different colors and patterns. A protective coating can also be added to linoleum flooring to shield against scratches and fading from harsh sunlight

Linoleum flooring is dominated by 3 product types;

  1. Sheets
  2. Tiles
  3. Floating Tiles

Linoleum sheets and tiles are glued down to the floor surface, which means it requires an adhesive to be installed properly. However, linoleum flooring floating tiles offer benefit in this regard, as it is easier to lay it yourself than glued sheet or tile. Another additional benefit of Linoleum floating tiles is that you can walk on them as soon as you are done installing. 

Features Of Our Linoleum Flooring 

  1. Linoleum Flooring is durable. If taken care properly, it can last for up to 40 years. 
  2. Linoleum flooring is easy to maintain. The protective layer helps to guard it against dust, scratches and scuffs. It is also water-proof, which makes it very easy to clean as well as a natural choice to install it in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.
  3. Linoleum flooring is equally versatile and beautiful. Its wide range of colors, patterns, designs and themes give a high degree of freedom to customers to choose according to their taste. Nostalgic personalities can decorate the space with vintage linoleum patterns, whereas, if you are more adventurous then you can mix and match various colors and patterns to create a design that is one of its kind. 
  4. Linoleum flooring is recyclable and created from eco-friendly building material, which marks as one of its most important feature. 
  5. Buy Linoleum Flooring and your wallet will thank you. It is typically less costly than ceramic tiles, wooden flooring and other flooring options. 
  6. If you have family members with allergies or asthma, linoleum flooring is the perfect flooring solution for you.  It does not absorbs any dust or spills neither fosters any dust mites, resulting in anti-bacterial flooring.
  7. Walking on linoleum flooring doesn’t produce noise, it has softer floor covering. Hence, walking on linoleum flooring is much quieter than other floors.
  8. Linoleum Flooring does not readily burn and melt. So, you don’t have to worry about dropping cigarettes and other hot stuff like, curling iron, hot glue etc.
  9. Linoleum flooring is also anti-slippery, which makes it best flooring option for spaces like kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room, where accidents of water spilling are more likely to happen. 

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