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Exquisite and Sturdy Oreiental Rugs for Sale

Flooring culture is as old as man started living in caves. With the passage of time the trend updated gain and again and flooring concepts got modernized. Now a days carpeting the floor of your living room, majlis, office or any other sitting place is essential for many reasons. It adds comfort to the regular in out movements of the individuals, insulate the floor from harsh weather conditions and also protect the kids from fatal accidents of fall. The complete covering of the floor also protect from small insects which usually create passages from corners of the rooms. In the competition of flooring products rugs are popular being handy, easy to install and availability in various different sizes, shapes and designs. Oriental rugs are one of the famous types of rugs products. The product oriental rugs as clear from the word “oriental” comes from the oriental countries. But the point to be noted here is, it does not matter whether the rug had been prepared in an oriental countries or not what matters to be an oriental rug is how the rug is synthesized. Oriental rugs can be obtained in many sizes and dimensions. To have a very small oriental c you can get the pillow sized Oriental rug and to the other size you can get an oriental rug to the size of room floor. Usually oriental rugs Dubai are purchased for houses and majlis settings. In Asia these rugs are very famous and have big demand in market. The most important advantage of installing oriental rugs Dubai is that they are always in trend. They are never going to out of fashion. 

Types of oriental rugs Abu-Dhabi and Dubai

On the basis of different geographical locations and cultures of different areas, the oriental rugs are divided into various types. Following are some of the types of oriental rugs on the basis of geographical locations and their culture.

  • Persian Rugs.
  • Anatolian Rugs.
  • Egyptian Mamluk Rugs.
  • Caucasian Rugs.
  • Turkmen Rugs.
  • Indian and Pakistani Rugs.
  • South African Rugs.

Different types of Materials used

There are so many materials used in the synthesis of oriental rugs Abu-Dhabi and Dubai. You can choose the best according to you need, desire and purpose.

  • Cotton.
  • Wool.
  • Silk.

Carpets Dubai deals in excellent quality oriental rugs, which are synthesized under standard procedures to provide the product long life and sustainability under high traffic usage. You can browse the large variety of our oriental rugs for sale products on you mobile phone, laptop or PC via 

Why Carpets Dubai?

We are famous in the sales of oriental rugs all around the UAE. Reviews of our customers can be seen in our customer review section at We assure you about colors, quality, and durability of our flooring products. To learn about our best deals, see our oriental rugs for sale section. Discounted offers are also advertised for bulk purchases. 

If you have concerns about customization of the products. You can have customization according to your requirements. Following are the common customization options,

  • Dimensions.
  • Color contrasts.
  • Customer Choice Designing.
  • Customized Texture.
  • Quality.

Oriental Rugs for Sale at Carpets Dubai

  1. Quality synthesis.
  2. Non-allergenic oriental rugs.
  3. Sustainable Materials.
  4. Customizable Rugs.
  5. Delivery at your doorstep with installation all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  6. Our quotation includes product, sample checking, and delivery and installation charges. 
  7. We offer full guarantee in material, colors and quality.

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