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Handmade Rugs – Exclusive Sale

Even if purchasing a hand-knotted rug may not be easy on your wallet, it is unquestionably worthwhile. Hand-knotted rugs are more expensive, but they are more valuable. The quality of a hand-crafted rug cannot be compared to a rug manufactured by a machine. A hand-made rug takes longer to create, but because the knots are fitted precisely, the rug is more durable as a result.

Reasons to Purchase Handmade Rugs

It’s a piece of art.

A hand-made rug possesses the artistry of the individual who hand-crafted it, in contrast to a machine that sews exactly as instructed. A hand-drawn design has a higher chance of success than one created by a machine.

Strong Durability

Making carpets by hand entails using only natural materials and doing everything by hand. Handmade carpets only use materials that do not quickly dissolve or wear off, while machine-made rugs may also contain adhesives and chemicals. Therefore, even when subjected to difficult conditions like frequent and aggressive washing, hand-made rugs will endure longer than any other kind.


Worth the Money

A handcrafted rug will set you back a fair sum of money. However, because the rug will last as long as you like, you might view that as a worthwhile investment. These carpets are ultimately more economical because of their exceptional durability. Purchasing a rug that will break down or lose its appeal in a few months is pointless.

Environmental pollution is absent

Handmade carpets continue to be the most environmentally friendly alternative for your flooring since they lack the poisons and chemicals that are combined with machines to manufacture other rugs. By using the rug, you won’t pollute the environment or expose anyone who walks on it to any harmful substances.


Hand-knotted carpets are available in a variety of designs, hues, and sizes. Obtaining a specially created rug for your home is also simple. Making something by hand enables you to create a design you like and have it made exactly how you want. A hand can literally create anything, whereas a machine may only have one design or pattern.


What qualities should a rug have?

Going with what you enjoy is most important, however if you want to learn more about what to look for in a rug, check out our rug guidelines and ‘choosing a rug’ page. Before coming in to see the carpets, it is preferable for the majority of people to decide on the minimum and maximum size in both length and width, as well as maybe the colour scheme. We need to be able to reduce our range as much as we can because it is so wide. To that end, many people search for light-colored rugs and test out a number of them before deciding a darker rug is ideal (and vice versa) for their room.

Can a handmade rug be vacuumed?

Your hand-knotted rug is an investment, and with the right cleaning and care, it can last a very long time. Here are some suggestions we have for extending the lifespan of your carpeting. Clean your rug frequently. When sand and grit reach the base of the pile, the wool is harmed and the pile is lost as a result of abrasive action.