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High Quality Grass Carpets 

Grass carpets are the modern concepts of the lawn flooring. They provide almost all the function of natural grasses (except producing oxygen). Installing artificial grass rug in your lawn will provide you many benefits which you do not get from the natural grass. They offer you long lasting durability and they never over grow, in fact they don’t grow. Grass carpet will save your money in long run because you do not need to invest on them for any kind of maintenance, you do need to water them which will minimize your water bill and save water in long runs. They are the best for the busy people who do not want to waste their time in maintain lawn.

Why Choose Our Grass Carpets?

  • Our Artificial grass are very durable and long lasting

The durability of the artificial grass carpets is one of the first benefits of these carpets. They last for the decades if you use them carefully. We use polyurethane backing on these grass carpetwhich ensure long lasting durability of these carpets. If you are concern about the color fading then you do not need worry because we use anti-UV coating on the grass fibers of these carpets which prevent color fading even after excessive exposure of sunlight. It will provide you green lawn for the years.

  • We provide suitable grass carpets according to the foot traffic of the areas

We provide mainly two kinds of grass carpets- grass carpets for the lawns and grass carpets for the playground. They mainly differ from each other in structure, lawn grass carpets are soft and easy textured so that they do not prickle in the foot of the ids or pets. As the foot traffic is very low in the lawns lawn grass carpets will long last without any doubt. For the high foot traffic areas like playground and public gardens we provide playground grass carpets, they are slightly stronger than the lawn grass carpets so that they can bear high foot traffic.

  • You can buy our grass carpets at very low price

Price of the grass carpets in Dubai is very low. They are one of the cheapest ways of lawn flooring. They do not only cost cheaper but they will also provide very high durability and you do not need to invest on them in maintenance. We provide these grass carpets at very reasonable price. We also offer discount on bulk quantities.

  • You can install grass carpets very easily at any place

These grass carpets are very versatile and you can use them any place you want. They can use on the terrace, balcony and even in the rooms. You do not get that much freedom from the natural grasses but they made our life easier.

We are one of the best grass carpets suppliers in Dubai. We provide best quality grass carpets at very reasonable price to the door steps of our customers. If you are interested to buy a product without compromising quality then you should definitely approach us.

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