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Top-Notch Quality, A-One Zebra Hide Dubai and Abu-Dhabi

Decorating your interior with animal hides is a famous trend from the ancient times. It still looks classy and enhance luxury outlook of your interior. Addition of animal hide to an interior also adds the much needed texture to the environment which is usually missing. While talking about theses animal hides you must be imagining of some cheetah print or zebra print rug or their hide hanging on wall. The presence of animal hide in the room leaves an impact of power and luxury onto the people who come there as guests, clients or customers. The animal skin rugs are eye catching and unique in their own way reflecting the wild and exotic look to the environment. We, are offering deals in animal hides such as zebra hide, cheetah hide and tiger hide. We deal in excellent quality zebra hides and rugs. The presence of Zebra hides in the room, office, majlis or any sitting place also reduces the noise and makes the environment cozy. Our fashion and trend conscious customers can get benefit from our animal hide products. You can simply visit our store online at our website and can browse wide range of these animal hides. For any question or query about these products feel free to call at 056-600-9626. Our products are long lasting and durable. We have a large variety of Zebra hides. You can see these zebra hides Abu-Dhabi and Zebra Hides Dubai in different colors and patterns at our websites. The skin of different animals (Cheetah, Zebra and Tiger) are tanned at the tanneries by specific professionals. 

Types of Zebras and their Hides

There are four species of Zebras found naturally which are as follows. Among these four species it is legal to own or to sell the hides of Burchell and Hartmann Zebra because these are nevertheless the endangered species. 

  1. Grevy’s Zebra.
  2. Burchell Zebra.
  3. Mountain Zebra.
  4. Hartmann Zebra.

We also offer customization options to our valued customers so that you can customize the coloring, pattern and dimension of your Zebra Hide Dubai. If you are looking for Zebra hide Dubai or Zebra Hide Abu-Dhabi is the best solution to purchase excellent quality Zebra hides and rugs at reasonable pricing. 

Why Carpets Dubai?

Carpets Dubai care about the sentiments of their valued customers. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing premium quality material products which stay fresh and last long. For your satisfaction you can check our customer reviews about Zebra Hides Abu Dhabi. We assure you that you are at the right place if you are planning to purchase, Cow hide, Leopard hide, Zebra hide or Tiger hides and rugs.

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