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Go Bold with Black Jute Rug Dubai

If you are looking for something cheap and long lasting at. But afraid that either it will cost you a fortune to purchase rug that last for a long time, or you have to manage with cheap ones that give up in a year or two. That’s where Black Jute Rug Dubai comes to save your day! What’s interesting about black jute rug is that it has a perfectly imperfect texture and is thicker, chunkier and way softer than other high price rugs.  Because of this, black jute rug Dubai gives you a more relaxed and down to earth vibe.  Black jute rugs also works well in a beach house or rustic wood cabins.

Benefits of Black Jute Rugs Dubai

Black jute rugs are the best natural area rugs for your home. Not only they are soft but also come in distinct textures and increase the beauty of even simple looking spaces. Following are some of the many benefits of black jute rugs Dubai.


Black jute rugs are environment-friendly and if you have been supporting the ongoing green movement, you should totally buy these black jute rugs Dubai. With these rugs you will be helping the environment either directly or indirectly. Since the jute plants grow very fast, they do not require any pesticides or fertilizers. So production of jute plants and black jute rugs are very environment-friendly. Go green and invest in a cleaner environment by spending on black jute rugs Dubai.

Easy recyclable 

Mounting up of waste in small and big cities are a hot issues nowadays. You don’t have to worry about recycling your black jute rugs like plastic because they can be recycled easily. On top of that, black jute rugs Dubai are also bio-degradable unlike most other rugs or carpets. So you don’t have to worry about recycling your black jute rugs at all.


Among all natural fiber materials, jute is the strongest one. So you can be assured that your black jute rugs will last for longer due to hard-wearing. Most of our customers prefer to buy black jute rugs due to its strength benefits.

To increase the durability and life of your black jute rug Dubai avoid placing it in area where it can be subject to a lot of moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. This tip will help to increase the longevity of your black jute rug.

Why we love it?

  1. Extremely soft underfoot, our black jute rug is smooth, durable and exceptionally long-wearing. 
  2. The richly varied natural and black fibers are woven together in various kinds of patterns and display subtle shifts in different tones and textures for one-of-a-kind character. 
  3. Rendered in neutral tones for versatility, these black jute rugs Dubai are also reversible for twice the wear.
  4. Black jute rugs Dubai work well in dining rooms, family rooms and bedrooms.  
  5. The chunky texture of black jute rugs works especially well on hardwood floors, specifically darker hardwoods floors because of the deeper contrast in color.  

To adorn your home with one of a kind black jute rug Dubai, feel free to contact us. We’d love to decorate your home with you. Not just that, we will also deliver your black jute rug to your door step without any additional cost. So contact us now to avail our special offers!

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