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Jute Wool Rug

What to Know about Jute Wool Rug?

Woven from the finest stalks of jute plants in India and Bangladesh, jute wool rugs Dubai have a natural brown hue that can be dyed into many colors. At Carpets Dubai, we have collection of both undyed jute wool rugs that are in their natural form and dyed jute wool rugs that have a beauty and character of their own. You can also get a custom made jute wool rug as per your choice of style and requirements. 

Since jute is one of the softest natural fibers and therefore makes the pulpy and comfortable jute wool rugs. Jute wool rugs Dubai are highly durable and can be placed in heavy foot traffic areas as well. We recommend you to place your jute wool rug in area where your bare feet can enjoy the gentle weave. A jute wool rug certainly serve as a welcoming addition in any space whether a bedroom or family room.

What we like the best about jute wool rugs?

  1. Jute wool rugs Dubai are a great and less expensive way to add texture and warmth to any room. Our variety of neutral colors and tones means makes these jute wool rugs super versatile and can blend well with just about any style.
  2. These jute wool rugs are affordable. Our rugs are usually much less expensive than other branded rugs of the same size.
  3. Jute wool rugs a great option if you want a rug that doesn’t compete with different patterns, such as striped curtains, floral bedding, or pillows with geometric shapes.
  4. Jute wool rugs Dubai require super less maintenance and can be effortlessly vacuumed or spot cleaned as needed.
  5. Jute wool rugs Dubai are simply beautiful, not only they look really classy and polished but they never go out of style either.
  6. In addition to that, jute wool rugs offer exceptional durability, which is great if you have little people running around or pets. These are also resistant to stains and do not wear and tear like other rugs. Even after years of use, jute wool rugs look as good as new. That’s a big fat plus for most of our customers. 

Here are the few frequently asked question about jute wool rugs Dubai.

How to clean and maintain jute wool rugs?

Regularly vacuuming the jute wool rugs at least once a week, is good to go.  Just be sure to remove dirt and grit because it can act as an abrasive and wear your jute wool rugs down. Jute wool rugs Dubai are low maintenance, often a good shake is enough to remove the dirt.

Are jute wool rugs soft?

Yes, jute wool rugs Dubai are soft and comfortable to touch.  You will love to put your bare feet on jute wool rugs as well as sit and crawl on them. They are much better for pets and kids as the surface is never abrasive on their cute paws and skin.

What about delivery and other services?

If you are getting jute wool rugs Dubai, you do not have to worry about a single thing. Just contact our consultant and we will come to your door step with a free sample and no obligation to buy. Our team will guide and assist you throughout the process and provide you door step delivery upon purchase.

So call us today and step into comfort of jute wool rug Dubai!

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